Entrepreneurship and Business School

Entrepreneurship and Business School

Empowering India towards Businesses Ownership and Self Employment


Empower budding entrepreneurs to start, shape and grow their businesses.


To create an entrepreneurial launch pad that helps entrepreneurs catapult towards their ideal businesses.Entrepreneurship and Business School

ProGrow’s entrepreneurship and business school is committed to nurturing entrepreneurship and self-employment among youth in our country. The training programs impart relevant skills that are required to help individuals not only be self-reliant but also be able to help society through employment generation. Teaching entrepreneurship is very different from teaching anything else. Our entrepreneurial programs are designed to bring out the innate entrepreneurial talent in each interested individual. The program’s pursuit is to prepare a budding entrepreneur handle all nuances associated with owning and handling a business. Apart from the technical training, we emphasize on personality and behavioural trait enhancement to help an entrepreneur develop an attitude and aptitude towards risk-taking, persistence and resilience which are pivotal to run a business. All this coupled with an intensive hand-on training program is a no-brainer that will help every aspiring entrepreneur reach heights of business success.

Why should you join ProGrow’s Entrepreneurship and Business School?

Because we offer:

  • Entrepreneurship Development Programmes
  • Training on how to Start a Small Business
  • Training on how to Start a Start-Up
  • Entrepreneurship Consulting
  • Institutional and B2B Training
  • Incubation and Acceleration Support Programmes
  • Funding / Loan / Credit Facilitation
  • Consulting & Advisory Services