Skill Development Programs

Skill Development Programs

Skilling our Youth
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Skill development is a buzz word today. Every organization is focused on hiring skilled and trained employees. Hence the term skill development focuses on honing hands-on-job skills required by the youth to be job ready. Job Skills or Job Specialization is the need of the hour.

So, what is skill development?

What is its importance in a country like India?

How does skill development fuel the economy and help our youth?

The corporate and industrial sectors have all gone global due to the advent of globalization. This dynamic and fast paced environment needs a workforce that can keep up and not only just deliver but couple it with quality. It is the game of the survival of the fittest. Whosoever can keep up with this pace will emerge successful. But if the competition is so intense, are our youth rightly equipped?

What makes a young candidate a good professional and best among the crowd? They are the skills, which help an individual to be proficient within one’s profession and on the other hand, determines how far a business gets if it is sleeved up with a greater number of skilled employees.

What is Skill Development?

Skill development may be defined as an expression to:

  • Improve one’s proficiency.
  • Ability to perform a work.
  • Improve one’s skill sets.
  • Able to complete a task with higher rates of success within a stipulated time.

Today, any organization prefers skilled employees over other as they have good career growth and they benefit the organization in the same way with proficient working.Skill Development is an important aspect. In the cooperate world, skill comes into the role to increase the productiveness and quality of work for greater results. Knowledge and skill are both related to each other and are driving force behind the financial growth and community development of India.